High-Quality Modern & Vintage Gear and a Uniquely Hip Setting in the Heart of Nashville



You Record,
We Enhance

Having amassed quite a collection of outboard gear, from rare 1940's RCA compressor limiters to some of the newer, cutting-edge selections, we're making it available to everyone! Send us your .wav files and we will run them through any piece you feel would enhance your sound.  

See the gear list page for your options.  Prices range from $25 to $35 per piece per file, depending on your choice of gear. This is a much cheaper option than a plug-in and you get the sound of the real analog piece, not a virtual copy!

Contact us for a complete pricing list. 




We are a full production recording studio, accomodating everything from songwriter demos or overdubs to full albums.  


Our rates begin at $60/hour, with Randy engineering. Contact us for a quote specific to your project as each one has unique requirements.

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